Hoarding Unipole


Creative concepts have an in-house team of designers who have years of experience in the field of signages. Today, a business who is in the process of creating a stance of their own in the industry invests more in the advertisements which involve the Unipole hoardings by the roadside for better capturing of audience. Whereas, Unipole hoardings and flex boards are not just a mode of publicizing your brand but are also a way to create that extra cutting edge over other brands. Unipole hoardings or flex hoardings are an excellent way to establish indirect and direct communication with the consumer end, which can be beneficially for the growth of your business. Unipole hoardings or unipole flex boards are the advertisement boards placed right by the side of the road or somewhere on height wherein it attracts the attention of the passer-by. But it is immensely vital for the advertisers and signage manufacturers to be very specific with what so ever they are placing.

Especially when it comes to advertising hoardings, the message has to be direct if not that then it needs to be understood as per the business point of view. Unipole Hoardings are a very delicate place holder when it comes to message delivery. Unipole signages have a very different meaning to all such business promoters. Unipole hoardings and flex hoardings help in promoting brands in malls, shopping complex, college hoardings. Unipole hoardings have an attraction because they are huge boards that can be formulated in any material to outshine the area and the message that they wish to convey. The best thing about the Unipole being an attraction is that they are a rectangular board that gets to have more space to create more in effect on the message that needs to be conveyed. Hoarding structure business is the most widely known and established business of the time.

An attraction – Unipole Hoardings are must-see boards set up on the tall heights of the buildings both inside or outside the space. Customized- They have a Personalized visual that they wish to promote.

Bold and Direct - Unipole hoardings are direct message conveyers and presented with bold huge font letters


Q1.  . What is Unipole hoarding?

A. Unipole hoardings are displayed on roadways, and flyovers, where the hoardings are exhibited on unipole steel structures.

Q2.  Why Creative Concepts for Unipole hoardings?

A.  Creative Concepts provides its customers with A1 quality Unipole hoardings.

Q3.What is the price of Unipole hoardings?

A.  The price varies as per the size requirements.
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