Sign boards or signages are a vital part of every business and every brand. And one of the many things noticed by people that attracts them towards your business. Sign boards or signages are very important as they display information like the name of the business, contact details and many more. Creative concepts is a well known glow sign board manufacturer in Delhi NCR, providing all types of signages for any type of need.

There are a lot more uses for signages or glow sign boards like showing directions, for highlighting events or to even display useful information. Below we will be putting light upon ‘glow sign boards’ and ‘types of glow sign boards.’

Glow sign boards make your entrance alluring and are the point that sets the first impression for people. It is the primary component that showcases your brand's name and logo and should be such that lures people and gets them talking. Below are explained the different types of glow sign boards.

- D Acrylic Letters with an ACP base: Acrylic box letter boards are the best glow sign boards for office and retail stores. These boards are made using laser cut technology on acrylic with LEDs placed within the letters for a mesmerizing glow effect. These types of glow sign boards have an illuminating effect from the entire signage, from all sides including the front surface.

- Aluminum channel 3D Acrylic letter sign board: Channel letter sign boards are the best glow sign boards for corporate offices and stores. Amongst all the designs, this glow sign board design is the most popular and is the one in which metal sheets are used in the sides and the illuminating effect is only on the front surface. 

- Stencil cut sign boards: 2D Stencil Cut Glow Sign Boards are best for intricate, detailed signages that include more than just the name and logo. These glow sign board designs are such that they are cut out like stencils from an ACP sheet. They are not 3D but are at the same level as the base board.

- In-Cut Acrylic sign boards: These glow sign boards are designed similar to stencil cut sign boards but the letters protrude a bit from the base, giving it a different appeal. Such glow sign boards are most suitable for displaying taglines, timings and such information. 

- 3D-Stand Alone Acrylic letters: These glow sign boards are mounted on a wall or a metal frame that provides a base for support. These glow sign boards have lights embedded in the alphabets or each stand alone piece which makes them glow. Such types of glow sign boards are suitable for any purpose but a pre-existing frame or a wall is needed to provide a base for the structure.

- Sky signs: These sky signs or glow sign boards for tall buildings are made using high quality, rigid materials to bear strong winds and other environmental factors. This is needed because these signs are installed on tall buildings as markers to identify them and they need to be strong enough to withstand strong winds and other factors. 

- Metal letter boards with underglow: These are most appropriate glow sign boards for hotels, interior signage requirements and well lit areas. These glow sign boards are made using metal so the light is unable to pass the structure, that is why light is added in the back giving it a different appearance.

- Spot LED Boards: These types of glow sign boards have exposed LEDs fixed right on top of the surface of the signage. Because of which, these emit a lot of light and are noticeable from a distance. These glow sign boards are the best fit for people wanting their board to stand out and look really flashy.

We, at Creative Concepts, provide all types of glow sign boards in Delhi NCR. We go above and beyond for our customers to get better results than they would ever imagine.

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