Safety sign boards are those kinds of sign boards that are used to draw attention, and point out facts that may or may not be obvious to the general public. These are related to health, safety, and danger. Also are meant to determine prohibition and emergency situations so that no unfavourable incident takes place. Safety signages have been seen as highly effective at workplaces to prohibit certain emergencies and unfavourable situations. Represent a highly effective way of making aware about some uncertain incident or event.

Purpose Of Having Safety Signage At Workplace:

Safety signs are a necessity, these make everyone aware and careful about any perilous environment, in order to prevent any emergency situation from occurring. These play an indispensable role in conferring about any hazardous situation.

Look what different colors of these signs signify:

  • Red: Red is possessed for danger. It signifies a precarious situation and alerts the masses about restricted areas. Red is a primary colour for identifying danger such as fire.

  • Orange: Orange is used to alert people about the dangerous parts of equipment or machines. Generally, used with labels that are placed on the machinery, but are also used on the warning signs.

  • Yellow: Yellow signs are specifically used to dictate physical hazards such as falling, burning, being caught in a pinch point, hearing damage, or any other general hazard.

  • Green: Green is only for denoting safety, no danger is involved. It is generally used for first aid or indicating the way.

  • Blue: Blue represents information about the property policies. These need not be safety-related, these are just for awareness and information basis.

  • Magenta: These signs using magenta text on a yellow background are used for signifying radioactive materials or equipment that produce radiation.

  • Black & White: These colours are just used for guiding traffic and about the directions. 

There’s a huge variety of safety sign boards that are used in our day to day life, whenever we go out we definitely witness some or another type of safety sign board. It can be a no parking sign board, a fire alert sign board or maybe any other but we definitely see something like this. 

These are not just used to be aware but something unusual but also acts as a commuting channel between the source of information and the general public. Allows you to obtain a better understanding of the events and happenings that might take place around us, helps us to take preventive measures beforehand only. 

We at Creative Concepts aim to provide you with all types of safety signages whether it’s a corporate, hospital, traffic or related to fire safety. So, when are you getting yours?

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