Permanent vs Temporary Outdoor Signage: Which One is Right for Your Business

When it comes to maximizing your impact on current and prospective customers, it is imperative that you choose the right signage for your business. Permanent signage is often the best option, but temporary signage can also be cost-effective and convenient in some instances. 

Importance of signages?

Your signs serve as silent marketing agents for your business, regardless of whether it is new or established. In addition to directing customers to merchandise and sparking impulse sales on special displays, exterior signs draw attention to your location on the street and make it stand out. In some cases, signs are made to promote events and are only displayed for a few months or weeks at a time. Some are part of a long-term branding strategy that needs to last up to five years. You can consider (less durable) temporary signage for one-time events in order to stay within your budget and maximize your return on investment, and reserve most of your sign budget for long-term branding at your business. 

Permanent Signage 

There are several outdoor settings where permanent signs can be installed, such as on buildings, walls, and fences. The permanent signages are very durable as compared to the temporary ones and are also more expensive. These signs are frequently reflective or illuminated, as well as larger in size, to make a strong impression on customers. These signs are made of metal, rigid plastic, acrylic, plexiglass, wood, or fiberboard, polycarbonate, aluminum etc. Both permanent and temporary signage provide very useful information like location, time, schedules, offers, events, and other details that you want to let people know about your store. In the case of permanent signage, you will need to consider the weather and climatic conditions. Also, consider whether the signage will be placed in direct sunlight or in shade, as this affects the life of the signage.

 Benefits of permanent signages:-

  1. To maximize the effect for long-term branding.

  2. To maximize the marketing impact on people.

  3. To let people know about your business and location ( useful information about your brand or store).

  4. To establish a permanent location.

Types of permanent signage

  1. Wall-mounted signage: There are two types of wall-mounted signage- illuminated and non-illuminated. There are almost endless options when it comes to sizes, shapes, and colors, depending on your style, branding requirements, and local ordinances. Ensure that you communicate with your sign manufacturer about crucial details, such as whether you want the sign to include a logo or specific information. 

  2. Monument signages- Monument signs are signs that are visible from the ground that have detailed information about a business that can easily be read by a motorist or passerby. Most commonly, they are constructed from bricks, stones, stainless steel, plastic, or other durable materials. It is also possible to have LED displays or lighting on commercial monument signs to attract attention. 

  3. Pylon signages- These signages are mounted on a pole and also referred to as a "highway signage or road signage". These signs boards are also one of the impactful signages that can catch the attention of people very easily. Compared to smaller monument signs, they are tall enough for passing cars to read. 

  4. Temporary signage- Temporary signages are made from very light weight materials such as vinyl, PVC, plastic and canvas. Budget is an important consideration when choosing temporary signs for short-term or one-time events. Choosing the right materials for your custom business sign can be difficult without the help of your sign manufacturer. A lightweight banner is a cost-effective option for special events such as concerts and festivals. Flex and banners are good for promoting your restaurant's daily specials, and magnetic signs promote your event. A flex or banner is perfect for a graduation, prom, holiday, new management or grand opening of a restaurant. 

Benefits of temporary signages:- 

  1. They are super easy to install and remove.

  2. They are great for seasonal events and sales.

  3. They are best suited for temporary construction and renovation. 

Types of temporary signage

  1. Outdoor flags and banners: These signages are a good option to make your message stand out and get attention for visitors. These are in the form of tall flags. 

  2. Sidewalk signage: When people walk by your facility, they will want to know which areas of the building are accessible, where pickup areas are, and what your hours of operation are. Sidewalk signs are available in various sizes and frames. 

  3. Floor graphics: In floor graphics, strong adhesive and durable laminates are used to create decals that are designed to be stepped on. 

  4. Temporary banners: A vinyl banner is an economical way to make a large sign quickly and easily. It can be made of fabric, fabric mesh, or canvas. 

  5. Interior posters: These are the posters made for indoor usage. The use of interior posters is the best temporary solution for informing and directing your customers and patients. 

Now, you are well aware of the signages and which sign boards are good for your business. For more information, visit us at: and get your hands on customised & quality signages.