In today’s world, the importance of signboards can’t be overseen. Signboards hold a significant value in our daily lives from sidewalk signs to informational signage and directional sidewalks to safety sign boards. We notice plenty of safety sign boards and hoardings on our way while crossing a highway. Signages are made of different materials such as metal, acrylic, aluminium, etc.
Speaking of signage, safety signage holds the maximum importance. Safety and warning signs can be seen everywhere starting from primary workplaces, and roadways to big malls and hospitals. One of the most obvious and important contributions to a successful workplace health and safety culture is safety signs. The sole purpose of having safety and warning signs is to warn and alert workers, people, and children about the possible dangers ahead and prevent injury. Safety sign boards are also majorly found in public places, communities, industries, and workplaces. Safety signage is very important in any work environment. Safety signs communicate in a way that is immediate and precisely aimed. The absence of safety signs can put employees at risk in the time of emergency because of a lack of guidance for the necessary directions. 
Safety signs serve an important role in keeping facilities compliant and staff informed. Safety signs also include-
1.    Prohibition signs:
These signs warn people not to smoke, enter a particular place/area, not to use their cell phones, and so on.
2.    Security signs: People and property are protected by security signs that restrict people out of a particular area.  
3.    Traffic control signs: STOP signs and other types of traffic management signs will keep forklifts and pedestrians safe if there is vehicle and pedestrian traffic in a facility. 
4.    Office signs: Office signs frequently include directions or instructions for specific duties. Office signs are mandatory in every institution, including a regular office. 

Safety sign boards are a legal requirement for any industry. Every industry understands that safety signs are an important part of their health and safety policy. These signs allow for immediate visual communication of crucial safety messages. With straightforward language instructions and eye-catchy visual design, safety signs contain clear pictographic depictions of the hazards they’re addressing. At workplaces, the most important safety regulations and standards of their organisations are listed on their safety sign boards. Safety sign boards are used to indicate safe exit routes and the location of first aid kits, as well as to provide instructions on how to operate machinery and deal with fire hazards.  
Safety signs safeguard both employees and the general public.
Low morale and productivity are the results of poor safety standards. With safety indicating signboards, workplaces may function more effectively and build a greater sense of mutual trust and commitment. 

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