How to utilize Digital Signages During Covid-19?

Commercial and social benefits abound with interactive digital signage. Touchscreen displays in public places have made maps, schedules, and directories considerably more accessible in the past.

However, during a pandemic as grave and contagious as COVID-19, consumers are typically scared to touch anything, let alone a screen that is utilized by many people. Not to mention the inaccessibility of standard touchscreens to users who choose to wear gloves!

COVID-19 digital signage serves a variety of uses. You might want to know how to use digital signages to display the following information when you reopen your business:

- Mask mandates

Suppose you need your employees or customers to wear masks, whether due to a municipal regulation or a corporate policy, you'll need a sign to draw attention to it before or immediately as they enter the building. You can also include a notice on your sign if you have any masks accessible for individuals who require one. To let visitors know they can't enter without a mask, digital signage is a wonderful solution.

- New service hours

Many businesses have changed their hours to accommodate changes in demand or staffing shortages for business benefits. If you expect your new hours to be in place for a long time, you might want to make a window decal or another type of sign to put on your storefront. If your hours vary frequently or you're not sure how long your current hours will last, digital signage is a great solution.

- Limitations on capacity

Some establishments have reduced their capacity to aid with physical distancing and are keeping track of the number of people inside using people-counting equipment or workers. They keep track of this figure to see if there is space for more consumers or if they are at capacity till someone goes. In these situations, it would be beneficial to know how digital signages work. Digital signage is a great alternative because it can be updated in real time to keep people informed about the current capacity situation.

- Reminders and recommendations about the safety

You could also utilize digital signage to display various messages advising consumers or staff about the best ways to keep safe. You can, for example, encourage individuals to stay at home if they're sick, cough into their arms, and to keep as far away from others as possible. To help develop a favorable relationship with your business, you can also give reassuring remarks and encouragement to customers. If you are in the healthcare sector, there are plenty of ways the hospital uses digital signages to advise patients and visitors.


Technology can assist us in navigating the pandemic and continuing to grow. Customer safety and social distancing can both be maintained with the use of digital signs. Digital signage can also help businesses increase sales and services while keeping the illness at bay. Interactive digital signage is vital for conventional shops that cannot operate online. You can even deploy signages that utilize touch-free functions to aid in-store shopping and consumer visitation.

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