How To Make The Best 3D Lettering Signage

Signages play an integral role in a brand's visibility and are of great importance for the purpose of marketing. That's why every business owner should focus on the look and feel of their signage, it should clearly convey the brand message and speak loudly about the brand.

When it comes to buying signage it is evident that sapiens prefer it buying from an offline store but now you can get it online also with all the customizations and it will be delivered to your door.

People also wonder how 3D sign boards are made. Here are some important tips that one can consider before buying or getting their 3D signage:

Understand The Purpose:

Before you start getting your signage created, you need to understand the purpose of the signage. Understanding your exact purpose will help you choose the most effective medium. Want to grab your customers' attention with your signage? For that, you can choose 3D signage with LED lighting. If you want to effectively disseminate important information, you can create intelligent 3D signage. 

Signage Lettering:

The use of handwritten lettering on the surface of a sign to provide directions, create graphic designs, or mark venues. In some cases, it may contain typography. When designing, avoid edgy or italic styles. Bold is a good way to make your message stand out. Experts say sans serif fonts are easy to read. A height of 10 inches is good for every 100 feet of visibility. On the other hand, do not use more than 10 words in your sign. It could decrease visibility. 

Image Resolution:

While designing signages you have the freedom to use any image you choose. However, there are some things to keep in mind when designing signage. Resolutions between 72 and 200 dpi are best when using blurry images at longer viewing distances. If your image has fine details and you want them to come out, 300 dpi resolution is a good option. 

Add Borders:

Experts say nameplates can greatly improve the visibility of signs. A well-designed panel emphasizes the overall value of your signage. Signage margins contribute greatly to reading speed. You can direct your audience's eyes and keep them focused on your message.

Know The Type:

3D letter signages are made in a variety of materials, here are some options for your reference:

  • 3-D Wood Signs: 

In these designs or text is carved on wood to give a 3D look to it. These are generally used in restaurants and bars to give that vintage look.

  • 3-D Cast Metal Plaques:

These signs are generally used for navigation or identification of landmarks. One can witness these in offices, parking spots, and on roads.

  • 3-D Acrylic Signage:

These are the most common type of signages as of now. 3-D letter cuttings are pasted on the acrylic sheet. These can be used for internal as well as external branding.

  • 3-D Plate Signage:

These are versatile signs that can be used anywhere in lobbies, lifts, complexes, etc. These are also used as nameplates.

Consider Your Complete Branding:

Making signage is not an easy-peasy task it requires great research and analysis. Make sure your signage matches your overall branding, your brand color, and the font associated with your brand should only be used (the font can be of the same family).


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