how to make acrylic led sign board

Acrylic led sign boards 

Different kind of sign boards attracts a different kind of people, according to needs and preferences. Bright, fluorescents and neon colours give a festive and party look while blinking letters are eye-catchy. Fabricated and gold-finished letters and boards give a luxurious look and make your brand stand out. In contrast, tall buildings need huge boards for better visibility. 

Some basic features of sign boards are:-

  • Helps target customers to locate to your store or shop
  • Gives necessary information without any hurdles.
  • Drives traffic to your brand without any hassle.
  • Increases brand recognition.
  • Fastest as well as a cost-effective way of advertising

There are a wide variety of signages, but acrylic led sign boards got that ‘wow factor”.

Acrylic led sign boards give a glowing effect to your signage or board and uplifts and boost your business’s entity. Acrylic led sign boards are used for light effects, gives a smooth, clear and streak look. These are one of the best sign boards it not only gives an exemplary look but is also waterproof, which means they are durable in all the seasons. Acrylic led sign boards are generally seen in the corporate sector, hospitals, cafes, etc.

Acrylic led sign boards are available in wide variety such as:

3D Acrylic Letters Mounted on an ACP Base

3-D letters are placed on the ACP base frame in this kind of acrylic boards to give it a hollow and perfect look. It is generally used in stores, consisting:

  1. Hollow acrylic characters or logos; each character is approximately three inches thick.

  2. LEDs are embedded in the space under these letters.
  3. All the 3D letters, characters, and logos are mounted on an ACP box.

3D Acrylic, Aluminium Channel Letters Mounted on an ACP Base Frame

Channel letter signs are almost similar to acrylic box letters. These are raised 3D letters with LEDs fixed inside. But there is only one major difference. In acrylic box letters, both the front and the side skirtings are made up of acrylic. This means that the entire letter, from top to bottom, glows when lit.

Acrylic Glow Sign Boards with Stand-alone Letters Mounted on the Walls or Frame

An aluminium composite sheet provides a base to mount and lit acrylic letters on. But in many cases, clients may ask us to get away with the base. All the letters and characters are directly placed on the wall or any other desired surface in this type of signage. It not only reduces cost but also gives an amazing look.

2D Stencil Cut Letters on the Frame or in the ACP Box

These letters are cut directly from the ACP base using a CNC router. These are cheaper than 3D Acrylic signages and also give more space to a lot of characters. Logo, Name, and tagline all can be placed on the ACP box.

Why LED Sign Boards Are More Impressive To Consumers?

LED signs come in some colours. You can also aggregate it with advertisement boards, animations, transitions, designs, displays and whatnot. With this, you can customize your signs perfectly and attract more and more clients. LED sign boards have a longer life, and dynamic technology gives an efficient and better look.

Are our LED Sign Boards durable?

LED signs board is extremely reliable and longer life than standard signs, which is 3 to 6 years more than other signs available. These also live more in terms of brightness. So, we advise you to get an LED sign board and outshine your business.

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